Bladder Cancer

What is it?

Bladder cancer is an abnormal growth of bladder cells that grow together to form a mass called a tumor. It often starts from the internal lining of the bladder.

This cancer is also one of the many conditions that the doctors at Athens Area Urology are experienced and skilled at treating. With state-of-the-art diagnostic tools at our disposal, we will help create a bladder cancer treatment plan to best suit the patient’s needs.

Do I have bladder cancer?

Some common signs of bladder cancer include blood in the urine and painful urination. Urine sometimes doesn’t look any different but blood can be found at the microscopic level.

So if you don’t notice those symptoms that doesn’t preclude the possibility that you have cancer; on the other hand, these symptoms can be caused by other factors. If you experience blood in the urine or painful urination you should contact your doctor to at least get it checked out.

How else can you tell if you might have cancer? Here are some environmental issues that might cause tumors to develop.

Factors that may put you at higher risk of bladder cancer:

  • Smoking

  • Chemical exposure in the workplace

  • Long standing urethral catheter

  • Long standing or recurrent infection

  • Radiation therapy to the pelvis

Why should I see a doctor?

Bladder cancer is one of the most common cancers, and it is often detected at a stage that is highly treatable. But cancer of any kind is always scary, which is why we take your care seriously. If you have concerns about symptoms, risk factors, or any other questions, schedule an appointment with one of our physicians today.