Prostatitis is pain in and around the prostate that is most commonly due to infection or inflammation. The prostate sits beneath the bladder in the deepest part of the pelvis. The urethra (the tube that carries urine and semen out of the body) passes through the prostate. As a result inflammation or infection of the prostate can affect both urination and ejaculation. Symptoms of prostatitis include:

  • Pain and/or trouble urinating

  • Pain/or trouble ejaculating

  • Pain in the bladder, testicles, penis, and perineum (area between scrotum and anus)

  • Fever/chills

Your Athens Area Urology urologist will perform a thorough evaluation so that an individualized treatment plan can be established. Because the prostate is poorly penetrated by most antibiotics, a longer course of antibiotics is usually needed to treat prostatitis.